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affordable-logo-designThe ideal logo should be aesthetically pleasing, memorable and help identify your brand.

A logo is a symbol, icon, or graphic representation of a specific brand; a unique image crafted through the use of specific shapes, colors, type arrangements and imagery to effectively set a company or product apart from others

A logo is an important aspect for each and every business. The logo serves as an identity for a business and it symbolizes what is the business is all about. But there is no one for Small Business People who just started and can’t afford a costly $1000 or $1500 Logo Design. Therefore we design creative logos in affordable pricing packages. All our logos are pleasing and remember-able.


Our Logo Design Package rates are very competitive, without compromising on quality. Our goal is to provide an excellent cost-effective service and to build a satisfied loyal base of clients to mutual benefit.

If you are interested in our Logo Design Services you can contact us and request a free quote.

About Us

SaraWebDesigns is a web design company specialized in WordPress Web Design, Web Development and Theme Customization.

Whether you are looking for customization on your existing WordPress site or you are looking for a new website to be developed in WordPress, we can help.

We have experience in developing corporate websites, online stores, business websites and community websites.

All of our WordPress sites are developed with the best SEO practices, keeping them at the top of Google and Bing for high traffic keywords.

FREE Content Updates

We know that once your site is up and functional that you will have time to review and rethink some of the content on your new site.

SaraWebDesigns offers 30 days FREE content updates to all of our web design clients as a way to show you we are willing to go that extra mile to make your website a success.

We are always with you!

Wordpress Theme Customization

There are thousands of Free or Paid Themes available for WordPress, each with different levels of functionality. If you need some WordPress theme customization added to your existing theme then call me. We can help you in adding new functionality to your WordPress theme or even alter the theme’s layout, fonts, colors, etc.
We love to chat, why not drop us a line and tell us about your project.

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